''Remember the very first time you heard Tom Waits and you thought: "No way"? It's like that with Elliot Hall of Bristol. All is shot through with a rare honesty - never do the subject matter or lyrics feel phony. Hall is what Ray LaMontagne pretends to be. He is heroic and compelling'. venue magazine

A rough, gruff and tumble voice that pulls away at lyrics this good is the kind of daydream we need in England to reignite a spark for credible new songwriters. Fans of folk, poetry and rock ‘n’ roll should pay attention to this wholly earnest and breathtakingly awe inspiring rogue’Alex lee thomspon, music journalist london


This year started with a bang with the best gig i ever played at st. georges hall. It was my prize for winning the 'songwriter 2011' contest which was a competition organised by Mark Venus featuring about a hundred sing / songwriters from atround the bristol area.

NEW LATEST ALBUM 'ADULTS ARE STUPID' @ now available to download on bandcamp for only £3 or 30p a song!



'sonnets and singers' recorded in 2008 is still being distributed in the UK through mississippi records to buy click here It's only £5.99 which ain't bad even if I do say so myself. Hey if someone else will blow your trumpet for you the least you can do is mic it up! you can also check out the great blues artist mississippi ol' macdonald while your at it!

it's still on CD baby as well at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/elliothall2 .!

I've also been putting some poems up on my myspace


I could write this introduction as if it were someone else. I could say about how I was an artist with a certain amount of industry 'buzz' around them or I am receiving alot of 'A&R' interest from record companies. None of this is true, I'm a struggling singer songwriter who has put alot of time and effort into developing the craft of songwriting. I love music and that is why I'm still doing it, it is the first thought that flashes through my brain when I wake up and the last one before I go to bed and most of the ones inbetween as well. Obsessed? Yeah, you're probably right. Sometimes I wish I could stop pursuing this crazy dream because it would make my life a lot simpler but the reality is I can't - I'll be doing this 'till the day I die. So far I've toured Ireland and played most of the decent venues around Bristol and Bath. Recently I've been gigging alot more in London and have been trying to work my way into other cities around the UK. People have written a few things about me:

'larger than life and quite unique his poetry is unusual and clever' bristolrock.co.uk

Come catch me at a gig sometime, as I said I'll be doing this 'till the day I die so you should be able to fit me in!



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